How to lose weight

1. Everything is in Your head. You are master of Your body. Important is balance. You want to be healthy and happy. Weight is only secondary. Imagine. Imagine yourself how you will look like, how you will fill like. Thoughts are basics of deeds. Deeds are basics of habits. Habits are your destiny.

2. Relax. Take enough sleep. People often eat to much because food is replacing deficit of something other.

3. Drink plenty of water. Water is main part of our body. It will fill for a moment your stomach and will ease hunger. You will burn little bit energy also - to warm water to body temperature.
Forget about sweet comercial drinks. Pure water is better.

4. Make vegetables to be crucial part of your diet. Raw, boiled, baked, steamed, stewed, however you like. It will provide you with minerals, vitamins, polysacharids and other elements, which are important.

5. Fruit is good. But not to sweet and not to much.

6. Eat regularly. Eat slowly, chew properly. Take your time. Body should know, that there is no stress and there is no need for storing fat.

7. Move your body. Walk whereever you can. It will have two efects. You will be in better shape. And you will save the environment little bit.

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